Cake for colleagues

orange sponge cake with a filling of mascapone cheese and blueberriesIf there’s one thing you do this week…take cake to work!With this gloomy February weather continuing, what better thing to do than bring in homemade cake for your colleagues? As this recent Guardian article comments, the look of delight and glee on your colleagues’ faces will be priceless.

Today one of my colleagues Laura has been off work for a week on holiday and so she had plenty of time to bake cakes for her colleagues. I was the chosen one today to try the cake and she asked if I wanted to review it for the blog and I said yes please!

So here is the piccie of the cake which I have just gobbled down over lunchtime. It is DELICIOUS. I thought it would have too much cream or be too orangey but the combination of orange sponge, mascapone filling and a soft crunch of blueberry is perfect. I’ll keep you posted on which recipe book this cake comes from so you can try the recipe out for yourself. This would be perfect for a summer’s day or barbeque but as it was so delicious I think it worked very well for a gloomy Monday February lunchtime!



  1. Ha-ha, I can see now why Willa suggested we should check your blog out! She just wants us to bring in cake for her!
    Although I must admit the sound of orange and blueberry is promising for a miserable February evening, I look forward to trying out the receipe myself!

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