What’s the difference between a pancake and a crepe?

This is the question my colleague asked me last week. I think he thought because I had started a cake blog, I had now become qualified to answer such questions. Clearly not. My first reaction was a crepe is thinner than a pancake. Another colleague mused that perhaps it is all about the coarseness of flour.  A quick Google search and Wikipedia look up suggests some interesting differences. BiteSizeCooking has a nice post on all the variations of pancakes around the world. Not quite as simple a question as first thought!

English pancakes are not as ‘lacy’ as French crepes apparently. Crepes are thinner than pancakes and stuffed with more filling. For a little French regional variation, a Breton galette from Normandy or Brittany is made of buckwheat flour and is large and thin and only cooked on one side (no flipping fun then!).

So there you have it. You’re armed with pancake/crepe knowledge – you never know when that question might turn up in the next pub quiz!

And which pancake flavours went down a treat at my flat last week for Pancake Day? After the consumption of 30 pancakes between 6 of us, the votes have been counted.  For savoury – German salami, goat’s cheese and sundried tomato with some salad on the side (I thought it best to pretend we were atleast trying to be vaguely healthy).  And for a sweet and sugary fix? Melted dark chocolate and banana. It went down a storm. Next time I will know to buy double the chocolate and bananas!

Feel free to let me know what you think is the difference between a pancake or crepe if I missed something and suggest other cool pancake flavour combos!


  1. Who knew?! Although I have a very strange image of a lacy crepe in my head now.

  2. skystroll says:

    I think the difference is a crepe is very thin so it’s cooked on one side only but a pancake has to flipped so both side can be cooked.


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