Afternoon tea review – Wallace Restaurant at the Wallace Collection

Night time at the Wallace Restaurant in the Wallace CollectionOn Saturday, I visited the light and airy Wallace Restaurant at the Wallace Collection for afternoon tea. It’s a clever space which has a glass roof flooding the area with sunlight. At night time, the space transitions well and with the addition of soft lighting and tea lights on the tables, it made for a very pleasant atmosphere.  Indoor-outdoor garden is what springs to mind.

So atmosphere wise, the Wallace Restaurant is an unusual space which is rather refreshing in central London. 

We all opted for the English afternoon tea which is priced at £17.50. This is much more reasonable than the traditional hotel afternoon teas in London. We also had a glass of champagne which you can add on for £7.50.

Now on to the cake, what you’ve all been waiting for. 

Sandwiches and cake at the Wallace RestaurantWe were given a squidgy rhubarb crumble square, a lemony swiss roll and a tiny slice of treacle tart with a hint of marmalade.  Although the cakes didn’t blow me away, my friends and I decided the rhubarb crumble square was the best of the lot.

 The scone was better than all of them though – with Peyton and Byrne raspberry jam (I always think raspberry jam wins hands down over strawberry) and clotted cream.  After eating our scone, one more appeared from the waiter and my friends and I all eyed it up. We politely cut it in to four and dug into more raspberry jam. The sandwiches for me were a bit of a disappointment – a little dry like they’d been hanging about and my plate seemed to be missing the crab sarnie. I’ve always been a bit put off by crab, but this was my one chance to give it a shot. 

Afternoon tea at the Wallace RestaurantUnfortunately for my group, we had a 45 minute delay being seated at our table on Saturday, despite having reserved a table two weeks ago. I’d like to think this was a one-off and that other people have experienced better service.  I have given my feedback to the restaurant and am awaiting a call back from one of their managers on the service. 

Overall, the scone and jam was very good and the atmosphere and lighting was relaxing. However the service was a bit of a let down on Saturday.  So for the afternoon tea, I’m going to give this an average rating.  If you’ve had other experiences at the Wallace Restaurant do get in touch – I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. went to Wallace again today – just for cake and lemonade, not full tea this time. service was appalling, and slice of cake 4.50. bit of a rip off all round, people next to us were complaining too. they need to do something or that place will get a terrible reputation! not a patch on the lanesbrough.

    • Thanks for the feedback Tom – interesting to know it was still poor service. The manager of the restaurant left me a voicemail on Friday to apologise and said she would take me through what improvements they’ve made as a result. She’s going to give me complimentary afternoon tea for me and my friend to give it a second chance. When I speak to her on the phone this week, I’ll let her know your feedback. I’m hoping to try the Orangery in Kensington Palace next based on Simone’s recommendation!

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