The quest for the perfect macaron…

And here it is…I didn’t get my perfect batch of macarons, but I did get this one beauty which was as close as I could get it! It’s about the right size, shape and is filled with yummy dark chocolate ganache (dark chocolate, extra thick double cream and a dash of butter). 6.5 hours of baking for one macaron!! Can you imagine the elation when I stuck the two halves together with gooey choc ganache and it looked pretty good! I was over joyed! I just wished I had created more of them. Apparently, part of the macaron magic is to food process the ground almond until it is super super fine and this helps with smoothness and ensures that the macaron isn’t too heavy so rises just right. Another technique to experiment with. For now though, a little rest from macarons but do let me know any tips you might have and I will revisit macaron making one day soon!



  1. I have yet to try to bake my own macarons…so intimidating! Good job on yours!

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