Joanna Moore – piping macarons and Maison Bertaux drawings

Piping macarons in kitchen by Joanna Moore

Whilst making macarons on Sunday, my friend Jo Moore (talented artist and blogger) decided to take a break from the baking and do some quick sketches of me piping macarons (you can read her blog post here). In ten minutes, Jo had drawn up this great sketch and it really does look like me in my kitchen! Jo is going to the Prince’s Drawing School in September and is taking as many opportunities as possible to draw whenever she can. Recently, Jo was interviewed for the Spitalfields Life blog about her drawings around Spitalfields. It makes for a fascinating read and is great to hear about someone so passionate for her craft. I find Jo a very inspiring person to be around and no matter how hard the macarons were to bake, we were both laughing all day together in the kitchen. She’s also sketched a great drawing of the Maison Bertaux patisserie in Soho below so I think I will be having to make a stop there soon to try out their great cakes!

Maison Bertaux patisserie by Joanna Moore



  1. Love the artwork- maybe you should take your collaboration one step further with a joint recipe book! Amy x

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