Easy carrot cake recipe review

Carrot cake with cream cheese icingLast Monday I baked a carrot cake for my hockey friend’s birthday. I’ve tried to find out where the recipe came from originally but to no avail so I have written it out below. I thought it was a really easy cake to make because it’s an all in one recipe and is pretty quick to bake. The only labourious bit is grating three carrots so if you have a veg grating setting on a food processor, I recommend you use that! I baked the cake at gas mark 5, 190 degrees, and the recipe said 40mins in the middle shelf. I would actually take a look through the oven window at 35mins and pull it out at 37 mins because for my particular oven, it was a little browner than I would have liked. For the icing I only used 3.5 ounces of icing sugar (rather than four) so it wasn’t too sweet. The panel of hockey girls thought the cake was delicious so give it a whirl!

Carrot cake with cheese cream icing side view
8oz plain flour
6oz dark brown soft sugar
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 level tsp of cinnamon
7 oz sunflower oil (or corn oil if you have it)
3 large carrots, grated
3 large eggs
4 oz sultanas

Icing ingredients:
6oz Philadelphia (I used the light version)
3.5 oz icing sugar
2 tsp vanilla essence

Method: Mix together cake ingredients all in one. Split between two cakes and bake at 190 degrees for 37mins. Mix together icing ingredients and when the cake is cool, spread between the layer and on top. Hey presto, easy-to-make carrot cake!


  1. Looks yummy = haven’t made a carrot cake in years.

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