Alternative Christmas cake ideas

Marks and SpencerWhilst browsing in Marks and Spencer yesterday morning, I came across this great cake mould in the shape of a Christmas tree! Each year I like to do something a little different from the traditional Christmas cake. Last year I made chocolate cupcakes in Christmas cupcake cases and then decorated them with miniature puds, Father Christmas and snowmen. You’ll be glad to know they’re selling them again this year at Sainbury’s – just search for Fiddes Payne Festive Fun Royal Icing, Cake Decorations on the Sainbury’s website. Back to the Christmas tree mould – I am going to make a chocolate cake and decorate it with Smarties for the baubles! I will keep you posted on the adapted cake recipe for the Christmas tree mould so you can try it for yourself. If you’ve got any alternative ideas which you like to do at Christmas, please feel free to comment on the blog!



  1. A couple of years ago I made mince pies for my party with real beef mince, and onion, mixed with dired fruit and peel, based on a an 1840s recipe. And port jellies based on a late 18thC recipe 🙂 and they both went down pretty well.. (or, they all got eaten and no one was ill so I think that counts as a success!)

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