Royal Wedding cake ideas

As I am moving house the day before the Royal Wedding, I’m likely to be too exhausted to bake. No doubt my kitchenware will be the first thing I unpack though! However, I didn’t want to miss out on all the cake fun so I have found some great places for Royal Wedding cake baking inspiration.

  • Crumbs and Dollies have made these gorgeous Royal Wedding cupcakes which you can order online.

Royal wedding cake

  • Beas of Bloomsbury are doing a Royal Wedding  lock in after hours which sounds fabulous. Between 7 and 9pm on 29 April, you can toast the happy couple with a glass of champagne, ‘kiss me kate’ cupcakes, mini victoria sponges and mini eton messes, Kate and Wills macarons and some traditional fruitcake!
  • Cupcake Style are offering all the Union Jack sprinkles, flags and decorations you could ever want.
  • Let them eat cake exhibition – only on today and tomorrow Mon 25 April – hosted by Tate & Lyle Sugars – an exhibition of royal wedding cakes throughout the ages – it’s free to go and is open 10-5pm.
  • You have to love this lady, Sheila Carter, for spending two months KNITTING Kate and Wills a royal wedding cake!


  1. Wheres part 2

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