I’m Naomi Longworth, by day an energetic and enthusiastic communications professional. By night, chocolatier, recipe reviewer, cake concoction-er. By weekend, baker, cafe and afternoon tea reviewer.  Lover of all things cake and discovering the gems/hidey holes of London. I love seeking out new (independent) cafes and trying out different cakes and drinking coffee.

I decided to chart my journey as experimenting cake creator and reviewer of recipes – which ones are good and achieve those perfect cakes every time, which ones are yummy but need a little bit of tweaking and which ones should be avoided at all costs. Thrown in for a bit of variation are afternoon tea reviews, cafes, reviews of cake and bread making workshops and recipes books!

You can contact me at: caketakesthebiscuit at googlemail.com
Connect with me on twitter @gateauchateau
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  1. Kathryn Steven says:

    Na – made NIgella’s chocolate cherry cupcakes last weekend http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/chocolate-cherry-cupcakes-144
    Shame you weren’t here to try would have loved your opinion! Have you ever tried them? This they would be better with Hummingbird bakery choc frosting myself with dark choc sprinkled on top. The jam in the cake mix was interesting though!

  2. great blog!

    • Thank you! I’ve had a bit of a hiatus with working long hours but will be getting back to the baking and blogging in August! Can’t wait! Your blog looks lovely – great photography and recipes. I have followed your blog so will look forward to reading your posts. Cheers, Naomi

  3. Great idea for a blog, glad I came across it!

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