The quest for raspberry palmiers

Having returned from a fabulous ski trip in France, I decided I needed to wean myself off French food very slowly. Today I popped into Coin de Paris, a little French cafe in Richmond, London, opposite Waterstones book store.

Whilst in France, I sampled the most delicious food, most of which was savoury – fondue, tarteflette, and a galette with goats cheese, salad and a fried egg on top (actually that was in Switzerland).  Sweet tooth wise, I frequented the local bakery pretty much every day and my favourite new discovery are palmiers with raspberry jam.

They were to die for with morning coffee. I have to find somewhere in London which makes them!

Although not greeted with the friendliest of welcomes at Coin de Paris (perhaps the language barrier) my mocha was very good and I had a decent croque monsieur. A little bit of salad on the side with the croque monsieurs and paninis would not go a miss. I did have to ask for the table to be wiped though and we moved the dirty crockery from the table before us. Upstairs has a pleasant seating area and on a sunny afternoon like today, the room feels airy and light.

For dessert, I walked up the hill to Caffe Paola – an Italian cafe. I chose a pecan tart but was tempted by the lemon tart and various other white chocolate gooey squares. Although I promised myself I would only eat half and save the other half for after dinner, I found myself devouring the whole thing in a matter of minutes. I will have to go back to try the lunch.

For now I will have to resort to my boring cereal for breakfast, lest I put on any more pastry pounds from eating croissants every day, but I am now on the quest for raspberry palmiers! If anyone knows where they sell good ones, please let me know! I doubt I could make any which would match the ones I ate in France.

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