Slovenian desserts and delicacies

This month, I visited Slovenia and had a wonderful holiday there. It is very beautiful, full of forests, lakes and mountains and totally unspoilt. Food was a big part of the holiday too and along with savoury dishes such as goulash, pate, bratwurst with sauerkraut, venison medallions and half a loaf of homemade bread each at mealtimes, dessert was a firm favourite. We sampled apple strudel on our first night in our hotel which was lovely but the real find was Cacao, a cafe cum dessert restaurant, set by the Ljubljanica river in the city Ljubljana. We skipped lunch and instead, later on in the afternoon, had chocolate ice cream, tiramisu or this fabulous chocolate and raspberry torte accompanied by beer and chilled white wine. You can see I tucked into it before I remembered I needed a photo for the blog! It was divine just eating dessert and looking at the picturesque cityscape.

The second dessert I managed to get a snap of was this delicious baklava. We stayed in a self catered apartment in Kranjska Gora in the north west of Slovenia and our hosts gave us this absolutely mouth-watering delicacy. Our host said the baklava was a Bosnian dessert and it oozed honey, booze, and ground walnuts. Although we were about to go out for dinner, after a three hour walk, I couldn’t resist but cut quarters off it until unsurprisingly it disappeared in moments!

BBC Good Food Christmas pudding ice cream

BBC Good Food

This is a cracking little recipe for Christmas, New Year, or anyone wanting that little reminder of Christmas in January. This is a picture of my sister-in-law’s Christmas pudding ice cream which she made for our family on New Year’s Eve. It looks very impressive, a great alternative to the traditional Christmas pudding and can be made in advance. The recipe is from the BBC Good Food website and dare I say that this photo does the recipe a lot more justice than the BBC’s photo! I can’t say this is the healthiest dessert at a whopping 675 calories per serving but it tastes darned good. The boozy fruit in the ice cream is complemented nicely by the cranberry compote which is drizzled on top. It makes a fabulous and dramatic contrast too. Enjoy!


Hi everyone,

This is my first blog post so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about myself, why I’ve started this baking blog, what I hope to achieve and hopefully this will be a fun journey (although a bit experimental on my part) for all those that decide to follow!A little bit about me – I’m Naomi Longworth, an energetic and enthusiastic PR professional. Lover of all things cake and discovering the gems/hidey holes of London. I love seeking out new (independent) cafes and trying out different cakes and drinking coffee.  Since moving to London (over three and a half years ago), I’ve had more time to experiment with baking and improve my skills.  My flatmates, friends and colleagues have been expert tasters ‘n’ testers over the years and given me the confidence to try new recipes.  What with all this tasting of cakes, to ensure I don’t turn into the size of a giant cupcake, I keep fit by playing hockey, jogging and am even trying a street dance class at the moment.

Enough of me – on to why I wanted to start the Cake takes the biscuit blog. Well, there’s been an explosion of interest in cupcakes over the last couple of years (in part due to places like Magnolia Bakery featured in Sex and the City) and a revival of people starting cake baking in the recession (see this Daily Telegraph article on research which suggests a third of people under 25 are regular cake bakers and see it as a ‘sexy activity’). Having started a collection of recipe books, it struck me that there are tons of cake and cupcakes recipes out there, but not all of them give the desired results and they certainly don’t turn out looking like cake beauties.

 So I decided it might be handy to chart my journey as experimenting cake cooker and reviewer of recipes – which ones are good and achieve those perfect cakes every time, which ones are yummy but need a little bit of tweaking and which ones should be avoided at all costs. Thrown in for a bit of variation will be reviews of dessert recipes, cafes and recipes books (once I’ve tested enough of the recipes in them!). Here’s a preview of one of the cupcakes I made last week. Coming soon will be a review of the Hummingbird Bakery’s vanilla cupcakes and further down the line will be a chocolate brownie bake off with my mate.

I’d encourage you to make comments, give your constructive differences of opinions or agreements and suggestions on links/articles/recipes/posts you think I might be interested in.

Like I say, this blog writing malarkey is a bit of an experiment and no doubt the content will evolve as I discover and learn new things – both about cake baking and blogging. Do bear with me but hopefully I can bring a little bit of humour and clarity to the cake baking/consuming world!

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