Jamie Oliver – Nan’s lemon drizzle cake review

lemon and poppy seed lemon cakeWhat could be better? Returning from a great holiday to find your flatmate’s boyfriend in the kitchen rustling up his first ever cake creation. Boys take note – this is how you achieve brownie points. Start storing them up now before the World Cup commences!

Neil (who happens to be an amazing underwater photographer) tried out Jamie Oliver’s Nan’s lemon drizzle cake, but added a few of his own twists.

He skipped the lemon icing and just opted for the lemon syrup with a dusting of icing sugar and some sprinkled lemon zest which I thought worked well. He also cooked it in a ring tin which made for an interesting shape. I enjoyed the cake and went back for a second helping much to Neil’s delight! I liked the poppy seeds for a bit of texture and it was lovely and lemony. This must surely be one of the more healthy cakes out there and with all that lemon juice, you’re well on your way to it counting towards one of your 5 fruit n veg a day.

A resounding success I’d say.

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