Lime and mascarpone cheesecake recipe review

Lime and soft cheese cheesecakeDo you have taste memories? Where you can still picture an amazing piece of food you’ve eaten, what it tasted like, where you were at the time, the feelings it conjured. Well that’s exactly what my friend had – a taste memory for lime and mascarpone cheesecake. He was curious to reignite his love of cheesecake and suggested we make it one evening. After a dash round several supermarkets, we found no mascarpone cheese. I still haven’t found any yet, but hoping Waitrose will stock it when I next go looking. The challenge was finding a recipe which would unlock his taste memory. After a few searches, we settled upon a simple recipe which we could adapt.

Here’s how we either adapted the recipe or suggest you should alter for your version:
60g butter (recipe says 50g but it needed a tad more)
500g soft cheese (we’d recommend making this with mascarpone cheese)
If you’re sticking to the soft cheese, use 120g of icing sugar rather than 40g
3 limes (recipe only used two but it needed more of a kick)
250g gingernut biscuits
Topping – some dark chocolate grated on top

And the verdict?! Well I thought it was pretty fab actually! My friend was searching for his taste memory though and so was a little disappointed because it didn’t taste the same as when you use mascarpone. However, my flatmate taste testers concluded it was delicious and despite being full from an evening meal out, they couldn’t help but sneak slices from the fridge! Give it a try and let me know what you think. If you know places which stock mascarpone, keep me posted. I might start a stockpile…

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